Hello! My name is Amna a twenty-something MuslimPakistani girl born, raised and living in Jeddah with family. I am working as a teacher for more than 5 years. I have a penchant for arts and designing. I never studied art as a subject but it is god-gifted to me and also an inherited trait from my maternals. I also had a dream of being an architect just like my grandfather.
My family is the most wonderful thing to me. They support me in every step of life. We all are really close to each other and I love being a part of this family. 
I really love designing, I follow my heart and thoughts, I take inspirations and then I create whatever comes in my mind. I just recently started my own Blog Designing business. If you need a makeover for your blog then give me a shout.

You must be wondering what made me name my blog 'A soul in Jeddah'. It is because a love being a Jeddawi. Many of you might think that it is not a good city or maybe it does not have the freedom for women, but it is my birthplace, I have met many people here good and bad. I have a few relatives in this city and we often meet each other. It is the closest city to Makkah & Madinah. The weather of this city is moody just like me, it is sometimes very hot and sometimes very pleasant. It rains here once or twice in a year but that is enough for me, at least it does! This city has brought me up and I have learned so many things here. It is close to my heart. Many important and memorable relations are buried in this land. I can't imagine of living anywhere else in this world except of Jeddah.

This blog is my space of thoughts, life, photography, tips and tutorials, DIYs, interests and of course lots of things about Jeddah. 

More to know:

ADORES: winters - rains - rainbows - chocolates - fresh juices - purple colour - ice - bracelets - blogging - photography - designing - friends - books - stationary - straight hairs - creativity - fun - smiling - family - tea - journals - to-do lists - myself!

LOATHES: mess - disturbance - crowd - big mouths - anger - sarcasm - negativity - irritation - the 'F' word - medicines - curly hairs - long nails - nail polishes - the attitude - heels - shopping - wasting money and all the bad things we all don't like!

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Sisters Only! Sorry brothers I will be ignoring your emails. 


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