Hello blogaholics! I thought of sharing some little things with you that will be good for you if you want your blog to have an improved look. We happen to visit many blogs often that are very cluttered and we never wish to visit their's again, I know that's sad but we all love neat blogs that are reader friendly. Above picture shows you all those little things which are noticed at first sight when a new reader visits your blog. These things are really easy to work on and they matter a lot.

1. Spacings:
Very important! You must have the best adjusted spaces around your blog. A lot of spacing at one side and a cluttered content at the other side never matches it all. Be sure that your header, footer, outer wrapper, post wrapper, sidebar wrapper etc. are very well adjusted.

2. Light Background:
Do you think I wear goggles? No I don't and I really don't want to! It would be great to visit a blog that has a very light background. It can be just a solid colour or a light coloured pattern would look lovely too.

3. Navigations:
Readers don't like to scroll over the blog for each and every content and your blog pages. They actually don't know what your blog has got for their attention until you have an easy navigation right at the front of your blog.

4. Tagline:
You are creative! Admit it! You know what you have in your blog so do this now! It doesn't matter if you don't want a tagline but I personally love to read other blogs' taglines.

5. Same Width for Photos:
This is absolutely great if you are already following it but if not then start working on it.

6. Search:
Readers might want to look for something in your blog, let them do this, provide a search bar. I have seen many blogs, I like them a lot but I find there no search bar.

7. Social Media:
Give your readers some ways to contact you. Your social media links will help you both very much.
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I really enjoyed this week as we had holidays for the Saudi National Day so we had a long weekend! We went to Makkah, visited some friends, went out for shopping and had a good rest. My sister and niece were also here and we spent the weekend together.
Did I mention that my elder brother won a trophy? Yeah, he did! He was the captain and his cricket team won the final match, yay, and we didn't forget to ask him for the treat though. ;)
I also bought a bamboo tablet and I am loving it. I would love to learn more about its use. Can you help?

That's all about this week. How is it going at your end?

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Hi everyone my name is Noor and Amna asked me to be a guest poster for today so I have put together a post that I thought you all may like as well as a freebie to go along with it. Today were going to be talking about Photoshop curves. If you’re wondering what a curve is well it’s a preset that alters the total range of an image. Curves are created using the curve tool in the Photoshop and are one the best and most powerful tools and by far one of the favorites when it comes to photos. Curves play with the contrast and light of an image which can really give it a complete new and fun look.

Today I am giving away a free curve to each one of you. This curve is ‘floral beauty’ and I named it that for a reason because it makes florals beautiful. This curve was made for and is best used on outdoor images such as the ones I have provided in my sample. It works great with an image that has a lot of green in it as it draws out more of blues. This curve will give your image a nice old film look which as you already know is pretty popular right now.

So maybe you’re wondering how you can even use curves. Sure let’s get to that now!

MAC users:

1. Open Photoshop and the picture you want to edit
2. Press command + m to open the curves window
3. Open the little box next to the "presets" bar
4. Choose the option "load preset", and find the curve you downloaded

Window users:

1. Open Photoshop and the picture you want to edit
2. Press command + m to open the curves window
3. Press the "load" button
4. Find your downloaded curve and press "ok"

I hope that you all enjoyed this tutorial and that you all enjoy the free curve that comes along with it. I would  love to see how your images turn out when you use it.

Noor AlQahtani is a designer, freelance writer and blogger.
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If you're looking for more readers, try these 10 tactics to increase traffic to your blog:

1. Make sure that your blog design draws readers in. You don't have to spend a fortune on the layout of your blog. A simple design that's modern and clean will encourage readers to check out your content. 

2. Publish quality posts on a regular basis. Publishing quality content that is useful, interesting and even controversial will attract readers, and make them want to come back for more.

3. Provide in-depth content once or twice a month. In addition to short daily posts, publish articles once or twice a month that provide added value in your blog niche.
 Spend extra time on these articles since your goal is attracting other bloggers who will link to your articles and readers who will return to your blog.

4. Use SEO wisely. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help your content achieve higher search engine rankings. Learn how to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to identify popular keywords related to your content, then add these keywords in a natural way to your posts.

5. Use outbound links. Provide links to useful content elsewhere on the web as a service to your readers. Outbound links can also help your blogs get noticed by the owners of the sites you link to and increase you search engine ranking.

6. Add tags to your posts. Your blogging platform should allow you to add tags (also known as metatags) to each post. They are keywords that described the information in the post. Tags are used by search engines to help identify relevant content for searches.

7. Build relationships with your readers. Allow your readers to comment on posts and ask questions (use an approval mechanism to thwart spammers). Build reader loyalty by posting responses.

8. Spend time networking. Spend time finding out where your potential readers hang out online. Become an active member of your niche community by reading other blogs and leaving useful non-promotional comments. Other readers who like your comments will be encouraged to click through to your blogs.

9. Invite readers to subscribe. Provide standard mechanisms to allow readers to get updates through e-mail and an RSS feed. Your blogging platform should already have the tools to do this.

10. Use social networking to promote your posts. When you publish an especially useful post, submit it to social sites. You can also set up Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts that link to your blog.

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I had designed these a week ago and today I thought of sharing them with you. Here they are and you can use them anywhere.

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We went to Makkah last night. Alhumdulillah we had Umrah. I am feeling cough and cold since after we returned. Maybe it is the weather outside or a viral. I am taking medicines and  rest. I hope to feel better by tonight so I will not miss the school tomorrow.
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(I didn't eat any of these.)

What do you eat each day? Not a good question I know, but that's what I am asking to myself. What do I eat each day that makes me gain weight... umm, a slice of bread? a cup of tea? glasses of water? some rusks with my coffee or that bowl of lentil soup and then working 8 hours in the school dealing with twenty five kids at a time and standing on one feet for the whole day. I don't think any of these make you gain weight specially when you are working and exercising a lot and you are also getting proper sleep time.
I am avoiding fatty food as much as I can but still it seems like not working with me.

Any advice do you have that can help me?
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Is seems like it has been ages since I last blogged. Yes I really missed my space and my followers but I got so busy with my new routine and new job (MashAllah - YAY). I am so busy getting myself adjusted in the place and environment, setting my class, waiting to meet my students, all of this in the entirely new campus. I am in love with the cafeteria and the food they serve is yum!
I am really sorry to my sisters who were sending me emails and I wasn't replying you, I will get back to you all very soon once I have settled myself in the new atmosphere and when I get time to do so. Please please please forgive me!
I have got to teach 'Playgroup' this time, at first I was very scared as it is going to be my first experience with the kids at the age of 2 to 3 years, I have always taught primary levels before, but InshaAllah I am looking forward for a successful, fun, active and great year with these innocent babies.

Want to have a walk with me around the campus? Stay tuned...

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