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A very modern yet stylish free font to download. I really like its two weights - Light and Bold.

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SHD Studio (Sweetheart Diary Studio) is my sub-blog that carries all the Blogger and Photoshop tutorials. It was started a few months ago and I had been constantly working on it all this time. I had posted many tutorials but it was a messed up space. I felt that all the posts were mixed up, they were not sorted, SHD Studio should have something 'more'. Also it was too colorful and bright for the eyes.

I had been posting my freebies on this main blog but now I have shifted my Freebies page to my sub-blog because it relates with it. In the Index tab, you can find the list of tutorials set with order and under categories.  I am very happy with its look because it is clean.

There are many recent interesting tutorials in the Studio. You can now also follow the sub-blog to stay updated. You can also request for new tutorials and I will help you in whatever you want to learn.

Stay updated for the Animation classed starting soon in the SHD Studio. Confirm your participation by leaving your blog link in the form below to help me know and contact you.

Requirements for Classes:
Adobe Photoshop CS4 or any version.
QuickTime Player (installed in the PC)

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DYK is a weekly feature posted every Monday and displays my selected 'did you knows' from the internet.  
I own these screenshots taken with my iPod.

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DYK is a weekly feature posted every Monday and displays my selected 'did you knows' from the internet.  
I own these screenshots taken with my iPod.

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A very Happy Eid Mubarak to all the Muslims around the world! I am so excited today, we will be enjoying desi foods, sure I am helping my mom with it! We will meet our friends and it will be so much fun round the clock for all three days of Eid.
Yesterday was Chand Raat (you all know what it is, if not then read my previous post). I cleaned and scrubbed each and everything, decorated the rooms and lit the candles (I love candles), our neighbor gave some bakhoor to burn so we did and it smelt so good all night.
It was a lovely Chand Raat followed by a lovely Eid. My brothers went to pray Salat-al-Eid while we were in the home taking shower, dressing up, prayed Fajr and listened to Takbeerat-Al-Eid live from the Holy Mosque on our television screen.
All the eating and drinking part of the morning is over now, I have received my Eidi and I am off to take a nap for 2 hours.
Enjoy your day and have a lovely Eid.
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What are the 'must haves' for celebrating Eid Day? For me, Eid is incomplete without...

Bangles... The more I have the less they are.

Bags... There should be a different one for a different dress.

Jewelry, accessories... A handful will be enough.

A perfect dress... There must be 3 of the best ones (at least).

And finally some gifts... Wish your family, friend and relatives with a nice gift (cost doesn't matter).

So me & my family went shopping in a Bazaar on Chand Raat(night before Eid when the Shawwal moon is sighted). It seemed like entire Jeddah had gathered to enjoy the night and see the fireworks. MashaAllah, we had a great time.

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Move the cursor on pictures to read the instructions

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These fonts are a work by 1001head. I really love this site full of cute fonts. The ones I loved the most are the Kawaii Eyes and Kawaii Food. So I am sharing the both with you.


 (click the picture of ice-cream on that page to download)

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This is exclusively for all the ladies/girls/teens... whoever, you are always young and pretty! The set includes 10 posters of the size 500x600 pixels.
I had a lot of fun when I was making them in Photoshop, playing with the brushes, selecting doodles and shapes. The thing I enjoy the most is playing with the text. I love using my newly installed fonts.
You will find a poster of the board game called 'Scrabble'; when I started doing that one my mind was empty and I was thinking of using simple fonts like Arial or Times New Roman, but they looked very bad with the concept so I went to and typed in the search box 'scrabble' and then I found the font I really really wanted to use with my concept. This font is called 'Tilez' and it is superb! Alhumdulillah, it was a free font! :)
Oh yes! My most favourite poster from these is the first one (filed as 1.png) it has a turquoise background and all my favourite doodles are lined up in white forming a cute pattern and the poster says "all the cute things in this world are just for me", yes they are! :)

So, download this freebie and let me know how you like them. There is another great freebie coming up the next month.

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 In the picture: Scarf from Splash, Bangles, Henna and Bracelet

Today is the 26th of Ramadan and Alhumdulillah all our fasts are going smoothly well. Even though it was the tough summer season with longer days and shorter nights, Jeddah seems to be burning, but all we need to have is the best intention and faith and Allah eases all the difficulties.
As the days are passing Eid-ul-Fitr is getting closer, I am both excited and worried, excited because we will enjoy yummy 'desi'(traditional) foods and meet people, get 'Eidi'(Eid gifts or money received from elders) and apply Henna on Chaand Raat(night before Eid day when the Shawwal moon is sighted), but worried because of the lack of time and cleaning work is also not completed yet, yesterday we cleaned the fans and walls, mopped floor, washed the window glasses, curtains, cleaned all the glasses and mirrors. Today we dusted the furniture, cleaned the doors, rearranged the shelves and now my legs are hurting, there is still a lot to be done. I am sitting on an armchair with my legs on a footstool and typing this post and sipping tea. Another 2 hours left till Suhoor.
The truth is that I haven't shopped for Eid dresses. I usually do not shop for them because I wear Shalwar Kameez(Pakistani dress worn with 'dupatta') on every Eid and they get stitched by our old and professional tailor. This time I didn't gave her anything to stitch and I thought I will wear something from my last Eid's dresses, there is a dress which isn't worn by me till now and I will go for it, and these accessories in the picture totally match with that dress, luck!

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DYK is a weekly feature posted every Monday and displays my selected 'did you knows' from the internet.  
I own these screenshots taken with my iPod.
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My mother went to Makkah Al-Mukarramah yesterday and performed Umrah, Alhumdulillah. She said that there were so many people but Alhumdulillah she performed it peacefully and came back home with this bag which was being distributed to each and every one in the Holy Mosque.
I was very happy to see this and prayed for all those who joined hands in this charity work (Jameeah Al Khairiah). The bag included packs of dates, fruits, perfumed wipes, a thermos filled to the top with Saudi Qahwa, disposable bags and a pamphlet with many Azkaar.
May Allah reward these people in this world and the next for their pious deeds. We really need them and their dedicated services to help the poor and needy. May we all observe Laylatul Qadr this Ramadan, InshaAllah.

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I am very very thankful to Noor for doing this pretty, simple and stylish design for me, this is exactly what I had envisioned for! Noor, Mashallah you are a Pro.

You all must check her blog and shop. She is a talented lady SubhanAllah.
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♡ I feel we can live with just one thing, that is something called 'Hope'.

♡ I don't have straight hair, I am not so fashionable, I live simple and enjoy it.

♡ I don't eat at restaurants, I love my mom's cooking.

♡ I sometimes live with my head in the clouds. I think anything is possible. I believe one day I’ll win lottery, just by luck!

♡ I find it hard to say no.

♡ I say too much. I need a filter.

♡ I remember weird things. Details about people, or people’s faces after brief meetings. Like people I met at a party and when I see them elsewhere they just forget who I am. It happened again just last week. Awkward.

♡ I am not quick in getting jokes, by the time I start laughing they tell me that I am late.

♡ I’m a fast cook. In the time it can take people to do one dish, I can make 5. Speedy chef at your service.

♡ I never make my bed {unless someone is coming to visit}.

♡ I prefer soft white bread over grainy good-for-you stuff.

♡ I haven’t vacuumed for over a week {okay, and a half}.

♡ I get distracted easily. Very easily.

♡ Sometimes I pretend I’m listening. But I’m not.

♡ I never ever get my eyebrows done.

♡ I do not grow my nails.

♡ I often lose my patience. Sometimes I cry.

♡ I have an irrational fear of cats.

♡ I have a bad addiction to chocolates.

I am imperfect. And that’s okay. I like myself all the same.
I am what I am, and that appears to be working for me so far.
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In this one year of blogging I have learnt so many things new or old. I was so cheeky with blogging. Yes I was because I didn't know where to start and how to make a good post. The things I have learnt are:

- Never copy someone else's post in your blog - NAY

- Bring out your own ideas - YAY

- Do not beg people to follow you - NAY (they will automatically do that if they are interested in your blog)

- Your daily life photographs with blog posts - Wow! YAY

- Your sidebar is not a hungry crocodile, do not stuff it with millions of widgets or ads - NAY

- People love good looks and latest trends, share them over in your blog - YAY

- The blog author never replies to readers comments, too bad! - NAY

- Get a design for your blog that should be neat and classy, not mish mash of colours - YAY (your blog is your space of thoughts, not an amusement park)

- Do not keep changing the size of your photos, like there is one post with different sizes of pictures, do not play with your pictures by adding so many graphics and effects on them - NAY (all that really disturbs the sight)

- Be social, if a new reader visits you, leaves a comment and follows, go back do the same! - YAY

- Do not center your text in blog posts - NAY (align it to the left always, that is what most readers like)

- Always give a link back to the topics, pictures or stuff you take from other blogs - YAY

- Do not add too many buttons on your sidebar - NAY (better make a separate page for that thing)

- Select most readable font, font-size and font-colour otherwise you will see me say 'bye'! - YAY (hehe)

- Do not blog about what you will be or what you want to be - NAY (blog about what you are and how you live it)
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It was me sitting still in the corner of my room and looking at my childhood album. I flipped some pages and there was this one where I was sitting on my father's lap. He loved me the most and fulfilled all my needs. I remember the day when he left all of us in this scary world.
I saw some pictures of my dad's best friend, he was our beloved uncle. He also passed away 9 years ago.

My father was kind at heart. Respected everyone and gained a lot of respect from a lot of people. He was very lenient and never spoke bad or backbite about anyone, it happened many a times that he found us speaking bad about others and he told us that you shouldn't be saying such things if you don't know what exactly is the reason behind it.
One day he left, his advises, his voice echoes in our ears, his face still revolves around our thoughts. May his soul rest in peace. It seems like someone took him away from between us, it wasn't his time yet.
It is been 5 years, still we can't believe he is not between us. We feel that he is watching us, encouraging us to move on and he is aware of whatever is happening is our lives. I feel that he also becomes sad when he sees that I am sad and becomes happy when sees that I am happy and satisfied.

Memories live inside us forever, they never vanish, never blur and never fade. Sometimes they make us glad and they also make us sad. I love those times when I sit and remember old things, when I was a kid, school days, fun with family, fights with sibling, teasing friends, hiding things and fighting over food. :) These things make us feel happy. I also look over all the bad that happened, all the tragedies of life which I can remember, whether they occurred intentionally or unintentionally.
There is always a lesson learnt; be it parents' restrictions, scoldings and limitations. All that happened was for our good only.

Which is your best and worst memory?

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