I made these headers for all those of you who love light colours and watercolour effects. Download them and they are editable in Photoshop (I mean you can add your blog's title on them). It is a set of three headers of the size 960px x 250px.

Remember that all my freebies are for personal use only. Please read the terms. Selling them or publishing with your name is strictly not allowed. Always give a link back to me if you decide to share them. I was really disheartened to see my previous freebie was being used by someone and he/she erased my blog's name from it and placed his/her site's name.

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Some pictures taken by me this week. Hope you liked them.

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When I say classic; I definitely mean handmade things which you can get at this one-stop online shopping site 'Style Outside the Box'
What is so special about it is that all items are handmade, unique and they come from excellent independent designers. I would love to share some of the things I loved at their store, but you must go check out all the other incredible things by yourself.

This cute Pink & Black small origami crane mobile is perfect to hang in your kid's nursery or in a girls bedroom. 

This Sterling Halo bracelet is very elegant and stunning. This will be an absolute match with my Eid dress.

My sister adores 'pink' and I adore this Pink Blush Scarf for her. She will definitely love this one.

This nifty Purple & White Polka Dot Baby Hat will be a great fit on my little niece. I am in love with its design.

No, its not just it, Style Outside The Box has a lot more to offer, be you young or old, enjoy shopping here at the reasonable prices.

Style Outside the Box is the best one-stop shopping spot for all shopping obsessed.

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Repeat X Repeat Y - for all the fresh 200 x 200 patterns
Le Gourmet TV - awesome recipes for awesome food, hop into your kitchen and try them all
Mr. Printables - print out the fun and have a great time with your young ones
Mom Blog Magazine - made for the amazing Mom Bloggers
Omiyage Blogs - interesting blog that has great diy's, pretty craft things reviews and super sweet posts.
Curbly - get inspired, today!
ObeyCrochet - love crochet?, then obey crochet!
The Pretty Blog - sweet love, weddings, inspirations, diy's and all the pretty things on this pretty blog
Nabhan - this great Arab illustrator does all the fabulous conceptional illustration
Spread Salam - duaas, hadiths and all the sweet thoughts and drawings you will enjoy.

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20th July 2012 was announced the first day of the Holy month of Ramadan in Saudi Arabia. I was very excited for our first 'Suhur'. We had parathas with curry and sweet yogurt. It was Friday so the day went quite busy but without any hunger or thirst, Alhumdulillah.
It is extremely and terribly hot in Jeddah, the temperature today was 38°C. We were badly sweating when in the kitchen preparing for 'Iftaar'. 1 day down 29 more to go. InshaAllah I will fast all 29/30 days like always.

Ramadan is very special like all other Islamic Months that teaches us patience, righteousness and self-control.
May this Ramadan illuminate our lives and world with peace and harmony.
Ramadan Kareem to the entire Muslim Ummah around the world!

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You know, I am not shopaholic but I actually love to buy just those things that are good enough for me to pass my leisure time and help me get a little more organized. I bought these 'few' things from a bookstore. I happened to go there just to buy the laptop's keyboard protector but couldn't stop my hands picking the nice other things.
I was very happy to see that they had Washi Tapes, the ones over there are not so bright and colourful, they were very dull and limited designs. I picked up just one pack that included 3 tapes.
The stretchable book covers are so nice. I am planning to buy more of them for my younger brother's new books of new class after the vacations.
My cables will be set organized now! How cute and helpful the cable organizers are!
I was in a real happy mood throughout the day after just half an hour of shopping.
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Something that's easy to use and is always in our reach becomes the all time favorite. Post-it® notes not only provide quick access but they also look very creative and cute. Imagine a desk without Post-it® stationary, you can't! 

When I was in school, I used them to mark the important pages, write short notes and paste them on different pages. Now when I am at work, I use them to write notes and pass notes them over to my colleagues. You may also find my home desk full of Post-it® supplies. 

The interesting thing about these cute sticky notes is that they are the best to be used for origami art. 
I have made tons of things using these super sticky notes.

Imagine you are in your office, you haven't got any wok to do, you are reading an interesting book and suddenly your boss calls you or he is about to enter the your room, yes you heard his shoes! How are you going to quickly mark your page? 
Post-it® made the solution for you! 

Either use the Post-it® 1 inch flags and if you don't have them then you can make a Post-it® Sticky Notes Bookmark for yourself. 

Yes it is just that easy!

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