I love my Grandma so much. She is an amazing person and also a very creative woman. She is a great artist as well. Her sketches, diaries, posters and greeting cards are famous in our family.
Recently, my cousin sent me an email with an attachment of my Grandma's latest Typography. There are so many of them but I am sharing just a few for now.
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It was my elder sister's birthday on the 10th of May. We had a good time with our family and I was a bit too late to present her something. I bought a laptop sticker for her and made this amazing May Calender coffee cup and a donut - pink is her favorite color. You can also get this printable calender right here.
Here are some images of how I made it and arranged it on a little tray. I also made a greeting card for her.

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(see the difference)

I have been through a time when I had bad photo days. Capturing images with my cell-phone, hours of fixing them in Photoshop and still getting dull result but posting them on my blog anyway, this all seemed like a nightmare.
I think that if you are putting a lot of hard work and efforts to your blog then your blog definitely deserves good photos as well. A post without a good photograph is dead in my view, honestly. That's why I bought a good compact digital camera and I am very happy with it (Fujifilm JV260).
I am not a good photographer, neither I was an amateur but after starting this blog I really went into taking good shots. It is good to set our hands at it by taking pictures of little things first, for example I started taking pics of my room, the wall, the cupboard, the drawer and the tea cup, I felt silly of myself and then I deleted all of them. Later I thought to see how one thing looks from different angles, I took many shots at a time and then selected the most attractive and best one. I always take 4 to 5 shots of a particular thing so that later I can decide which one looks the best. If someone takes just one shot and after uploading they say that it went too blurry, or it is so far away, its is not clear at all - I seriously don't want to face that.
My camera is just perfect for me. I take photos and after uploading them I don't feel that they need any editing, I can post them on my blog right away. But I love to apply slight PS Actions. I have just a few actions to name and they are very light and enough for my photos. A big NO for flash pictures in my blog.
Your photography logo or text imprint is a must to apply on all images before posting them. My next post will carry a tutorial to define your own brush in Photoshop. Stay updated.
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Friends, I had been away from my blog for more than a month. Honestly speaking, nothing worth mentioning happened during this period of time. All I needed was a little break from everything. I was more into home and school work.
One thing to mention is that I just took part in some contest on Facebook. It was to design an 'Abaya'. The prize for the winner was that they could select any Abaya from Leila's Hijabs boutique or a MAC Cosmetics Gift card. I wasn't seriously going to participate but my elder sister asked me to take part and so I did. I even didn't prepare my mind for winning it but on the final day I was announced as a winner on 1st place. I couldn't believe this! Now I am waiting for my gift to come home all the way from USA.
The other day I took part in Frico Cheese's Quiz Competition and guess what? I won the SR. 500 Gift Voucher of IKEA. Wow! I was double surprised! Luck was sitting next to me and my laptop for those 2 days.
It happened like a week ago we went to this shop where we get everything till SR. 10. There I found amazing ice-cream shaped bowl for SR. 2 only, whereas its regular price in different stores was SR 10. This was a huge difference and I grabbed 4 of those and ignored my mom yelling at me to control my hands over things but she loved them when calmly saw them after bringing home.
Another thing, I am chocolates addict. I wasn't buying them from a long time because I had to control my weight. My brother brought 6 free samples of ice-cream tubs from his company and guess what their flavor was? Chocolate and Caramel! My Oh My!!! Lucky me once again!
Oh no not again! Just while writing this post till here, I logged on to Facebook and to my surprise... I am a winner of another contest at Queens Hijabs! I am on the 3rd place this time and I have won a beautiful Hijab from UK. Fairly speaking, I did not* did not* did not* had hope of winning it because I guessed the other ladies will be the winner.
I will post details about the things I won after I receive my gifts.
Am I lucky or what these days? Pinch me, please!
And did I say in the beginning that nothing worth mentioning happened? Now you see ;)

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