Spring is everywhere. Here in Jeddah, we are desperately waiting for rains and the weather is too hot. I feel like we are sitting next to the sun, and sure we are, Saudi Arabia being closer to the equator - a desert - I always hated it whenever our teacher told us about it in the Geography lessons.
Why! Why! Why on earth we get less rains? no snowfalls? too less winters? no jackets and sweaters? no rain coats? no umbrellas? I love everything about winters and rains. Can't any pull this country away from the equator? I wish someone could!
Some cities in Saudi Arabia get little rainfalls and snowfalls... but Jeddah is terribly hot! It is hot all year round - even in the  winters Mr. Sun has to come out and say 'Hello'.

So how is the weather in your place?

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I had been going through many tips this weeks for organizing a classroom. Teachers in the school are busy preparing for the classes they will be teaching in the next academic year. I have got Grade 1 as a homeroom. I have to set and arrange my class and I am happily preparing from now. We still have 2 more months for the new classes to begin but I am very excited about my new class, new kids and I will be having the best classroom in the school. It is the largest and more spacious. I have got plenty of room to be nicely organized in there. Here are the few tips I met while googling and pinteresting.

If you have any more tips then kindly share with me . :)

This New Student bag thing is something really interesting!
great for teachers!
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