Finally my big mess art space has got its totally new and pretty look. I am extremely happy about each and every bit of it. I spent weeks on it and now it is perfectly completed. From mending the old lamp to painting the old cupboard - everything was an exciting experience for me. It is the first time ever I have done something for 'myself', maybe because I was so busy in my life with my job and other things. I am a proud girl now! I am proud because now I am learning to quickly act upon the decisions I make. I am proud because now I am not just a story-teller.
One down, 3 more to go. This is not the end, I have to work, work and work a lot.
Pictures speak louder than words, so you just keep scrolling down and look at the pictures. :)

{ the cupboard before getting painted }

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Being a primary school, it is grade 5's final year in there. I thought of surprising the students with something they will always remember and that would be very useful for them. This idea of Language Box came in my mind, students were asked to bring boxes all of the same size.
We made tiny envelopes and each envelope had applications, letters, compositions, stories, quotes, auto-biography, poetry, a picture of the student etc. The students had so much fun writing all this on small papers then folding it and keeping it in those envelopes. It took them 2 weeks to complete all this. Result was very fruitful, hard work always counts!
I gave them marks out of 15, kept in a farewell note from teacher and a chocolate bar.
Everyone was delighted to carry their boxes home and they were impatient to show it to their parents.
I felt really happy when they all came together to me and said, "Thank you, teacher!"

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Today's theme is....COLOR! 
Hope you'll play along!

1. My favorite color is Purple.

2. My home decor color palette includes a lot of browns, pink, blue and green.

3. Other people always tell me I look good in the color pink.

4. The color I detest is orange. I think I have always disliked it the most and never thought of using it for "anything".

5. If you were to look in my closet most of the colors you'd see would be neutrals with a couple of brighter pops of color. A lot of my closet is purple and black .

6. A color that I simply cannot pull off no matter how hard I try is most yellows.

7. The color of my favorite dress is white...and it has pink and purple embroidery.

Hope your weekend is wonderful!

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Just thought to let you know what I am busy with this week, as mentioned in my previous post, cleaning the house and setting up my space.
Finally the carpenter is here and he will start the work from tomorrow. He is charging a lot for such little work, but anyways I have to get that old cabinet painted because its color is too odd. I selected this color from the color palette he showed to us.
I got my lamp's shade. It is a new one which my mum had thrifted an year back. It was not fitting because of the small ring but I used a blade to cut off the ring's inner hole. Now it fits well and I will cover it with my own design on it. I really felt proud of myself and so did my mum! :)
I am covering many boxes to use them for storage purpose. Almost done, just a few more to go.
I am facing a great difficulty in typing our school's exam papers. I don't have the CD to install MS Office, my HP Printer's Driver isn't installing too.
The more I try to complete my work on time, the more difficult it gets, some problems comes in between me and my work. And I hate it!

PS: The picture in this post was taken by me this Saturday, when I visited my younger brother's school to pick him early, I was waiting there for him and capturing pictures of the lovely plants in his school. They got a huge beautiful garden in there.

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Friends, do you remember I was talking about my art corner's makeover in this post? This thing kept me real busy and that's why I was not blogging since a couple of days, but still the process is on its course.
This week was so happening! I brought many new stationery and decorative items - I am lovey dovey with them! Well, most of them are thrifted and just a few to name are from here. Shopping is more fun when you have an aim behind the things you are actually looking to buy. I don't shop a lot but only when it comes to my hobby - and you know what it is!
I am thankful to my sweet mom who gave me a special gift this week, something I still didn't had and I felt incomplete without it. If you want to know what it is then stay tuned for my next post where I will display it in a picture.
On the top of this post; you are looking at the piles and piles of mess I mean my craft things. They were floating randomly anywhere around the house, I have put them together to arrange them in categories.

1. I got my paper rolls in their perfect place.
2. My glues, scissors, pens, etc are now sitting in their designated places.
3. My construction sheets (all types) are also neatly set in a box.
4. My educational and professional documents are all arranged in two separate files.
5. I have a good box for my paints.
6. My hardware tools are in their separate place.
7. I have brought a shelf to display my 'recent projects'.
8. I have a temporary place for my ribbons. (any suggestions?)
9. My cables/ USB / chargers are also in a good place.

1. Get the cabinet painted. (don't know where the painter disappears whenever I really need one)
2. Make more boxes for other storage.
3. Set the room finally after the cabinet gets painted. I hope this will not take ages.
4. Cover my old ugly books and arrange them.
5. Find a storage solution for the tiny sequins, beads, stones etc,.
6. My old lamp is painted, make a shade for it. It's shade was badly damaged that's why we threw it. I banged my head in all the shops of the town but all in vain. There was no single shade that is made to fit my lamp's size.
7. Set-up my brother's study table, that also needs a makeover and my brother deserves a bit of my love.
8. Label the storage boxes and containers.

That's all folks!

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{ source }

A beautiful blogger Izdiher tagged me in a post "Eleven" ,where tagged blogger has to post 11 things about themselves,answer 11 questions, and in end create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer. Then tag 11 bloggers.

11 facts about me !

1. I love rains
2. I love winters but I live in a hot country.
3. I am a Capricorn.
4. I like cold things like ice-cream and cold-drinks even when it is cold or when I am having cough or flu. Doesn't matters to me.
5. I don't like to shop a lot, I only shop for art materials mostly.
6. I have a younger brother to rule over.
7. My favorite color is purple, white and green are substitutes.
8. I like to meet new people.
9. I am very friendly and helpful.
10. Drinking tea is my love.

11 Questions from ♥●• İzdihër •●♥

1.You look like ?
A. A normal young girl.

2.You live like ?
A. A traditional girl mixed with modern style living in an Arab land.

3.Where are your keys?
A. In my large bag, no maybe in that clutch, oh! Did I keep them in that drawer? (Well, I never remember!)

4.How much money do you have in your pocket at a moment?
A. SR 16

5.You love those places where ......... ?
A. There are less people, more nature, peaceful and open air, and they sell tea or coffee over there. 

6.Where is Africa?
A. Africa doesn't need neither the west nor the east, Africa just needs to get it together, and kick all the blood suckers out of the continent, because the homeland has more resources combined than any other continent in the world! 

7.You are hooked on?
A. Non-fiction stories

8.What came first egg or hen?
A. Ummm... maybe the hen.

9.Why Zebra wears striped dress ?
A. To use its skin for zebra crossing!

10.Why sun is yellow?
A. Ask Elsa, she painted it! Not my fault!

11.Your dream bf/gf is?
A. None

My Questions:

1. Your favorite movie?
2. Where did you go to spend your weekend?
3. What is better, popcorn or steamed corn?
4. What is funny about you?
5. Why is an elephant fat?
6. Your favorite comics.
7. What is your dress style?
8. Which country's traditions and cultures inspire you the most?
9. If I invite you to my place, what would be the first question you will ask me?
10. Your dream profession.

You have been tagged:

Little Pink Strawberries - The Perfect Pear - Live, Love Laugh - Tonic of Wilderness - Fluffyish Morning Breeze  - My Life Journal - Nallebrum's - Sheila.x - Stand Alone - Life as DINKers - The Little Things We Do


1. Post 11 random facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions I asked.
3. Tag 11 other bloggers and create (11) questions for them to answer.
4. Inform those that you have tagged them.

Have a good day!!!!
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{ The busy yet beautiful week ever. }

This week had been the busiest of all, I will tell you from scratch. It all started from a post from this blog . The picture of this room really inspired me to make a room for my myself where I can arrange all my things according to my taste. Those who don't know, my art things are really messed up, some hidden here and the others hidden there. I want to put them up together like Jen does it all and tells about it in her blog.
Being more organized is one of my goals to achieve this year, and I definitely will! I hate my chart rolls and other cloth materials scattered here and there and beside bookshelves. This bin at IKEA for RS.25 only, is a great idea for storing these large rolls. For other storage solutions, I will use old, unused cartons and boxes and will cover them with my favorite cloth maybe from here or any other store.
Plus, I have got an old, wooden, dark brown rustic cabinet. My mum has given me the permission to get it painted, so I will. The walls of my soon-to-be workplace are simple and they are ready to get a pretty girly look. For this I have got this idea from Lindsay of The Cottage Home. I love the way she covered the wall with those embroidery hoops.
And yeah, I have also got an old lamp which I have to decorate. I am dying to get this all completed.

Wish me luck!

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Happy Friday Friends!


1. The highlight of my week was looking for old stuff in the house and listing new art projects.

2. If I had to classify my interior design aesthetic it would be traditional with a little bit of modern.

3. Our first vehicle was and still is a 2009 Nissan Sunny.

4. An item I need to have in my day in order to function is tea, I drink it like water.

5. My favorite way to waste time is by visiting more and more blogs and getting inspired.

6. Right now I could really go for a cup of tea and any DIY project I find easy to do at this moment.

7. This weekend I will be typing, typing and typing + eating chocolates!

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So here is the list of the five things that I really really want and love them. I don't know when will I ever get these, but you all will be informed about the progress of getting them one by one. :)

1. Personalized name peg rack. I hope to get one soon that has my name.
Personalized Name Peg Rack - Handpainted Wood Letters on a Wall Hanging Shelf for Kid's Rooms or Baby Nursery

2. This lovely chevron scarf.

3. These cute and colorful brooches.
Tea and Cake Glass Brooch - Round bronze brooch with teapot and cake slice

4. This chevron bag. I did not find it here in Jeddah.
Yellow Chevron Messenger Bag Purse Handbag Adjustable Strap 5 Large Pockets

5. Last but not the least, this eraser style USB for my sister. Do you remember using this kind of erasers years back? I remember, and I am sure they are still hiding somewhere in my home. I will find them after a lot of digging.
2GB Pink Pearl Eraser USB Flash Drive
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