Time goes by so quickly and I keep so many things listed for the day but seems like more than half are left undone. Writing down notes, keeping reminders is what I do to keep myself alert and easy to move with my plans.

I try to keep myself as busy as I can but when I see that now there is nothing special left to do, I take myself to the downtown of my thoughts. Where I build a new dream everytime. I see the garden over there blooming with a flower each time. I sow the seed and it blooms into a flower giving me a clue that your wishes, desires, dreams and thoughts will turn into reality. In satisfaction, I open my eyes and see the busy world around me (OH! I am here!).

Getting back to work, I let ideas coming to my mind. I work and build them. I think creativity has no limits. It is you who create your ideas and let your hands work on it. Sometimes you might think that you are blank with new thoughts, keep knocking your head, something is there that needs to come out and Yes! It is there! Bring it out!

I used to sit idle for hours thinking what to do, but since when I started this three minute therapy; now I never have time to sit idle. My mind keeps constantly working.

What is the three minute therapy?
It is a time that you give to your brain, challenge your mind to give you a new idea or else you will start off with anything you will see around. Set a three minute timer. Release yourself from every thing and rest your head on the sofa or pillow. All you will think about is that you are sitting in a room full of your inspirations. At this point your mind will give you the first clue, grab that one! It will lead you to follow the other clues. The timer rings. Stop what you were thinking. Note down whatever you saw and thought. Here you will start to work on it.

This is very useful to me and I hope you will also find it constructive. So let's begin and remember that creativity has no limits!
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This is something really informative and great I found from Amy Borrell in her site. She does it all watercolor. I think this is going to be very useful when we set a dinner table for someone special and also for a pleasant family get together.

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While cleaning the kitchen today, I noticed that he those fridge magnets are in a really bad condition. Most of them were broken by constantly slipping down on the floor. Mending them again was not a good solution.

The better way was to make your own designed ones by removing the magnets from the old ones. So my  brother gave me this idea of iPhone icons but I wanted some nice quotes. We made both of them after printing them out. You can get the iPhone icons here and the quotes here.

I pasted both sheets on a cardboard and then cut them together to get a hard surface. I used a transparent masking tape to wrap on the cutouts to give them a glossy look plus a long-lasting protection. Finally I glued the magnets behind the cutouts using an all-purpose adhesive glue (recommendinUHU).

Tip: It was so hard for me to remove those magnets from the old ones using that flat-face screwdriver and it injured my finger. So it is better to place those magnets in a pot, fill it with water and let it to boil. When boiled, use a strainer to take out the magnets and use a butter knife to smoothly remove the magnets from them. They will come off very easily. :)

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So this is how my handwriting looks like, yes I know its not that pretty and girly. But that's originally MY handwriting ;).
I wonder how I won that Best Handwriting Certificate when I was in fourth grade. :D

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For the last few days I had been searching for some interesting DIY projects, I found some really cool ones but didn't have all those materials that I have to use with most projects.
Designing a camera case was a quick and easy task for me. Foam sheets, glue and scissors were the only requirements for this. I quickly leaped off my PC and went in my room to design this case.
I feel so happy every time I look at it. :)

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I found out this simple trick when I was doing some changes in my HTML. This is very easy. Do not forget to always backup your HTML so you don't lose any data. I am going to remove the 'Home' text with this icon.  

Go to your blogger dashboard > design > edit HTML.

a. Look for this code:

 <a class='home-link' expr:href='data:blog.homepageUrl'><data:homeMsg/>

b. Replace the highlighted part with this one:
<img src='your link here' style='border: 0 none;vertical-align: middle;'/>
(insert the direct link of your image in the highlighted location)

c. Save template.

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This is the most interesting freebie for you all. I made it using that old paper Chinese fan technique and turned it into a bow. Scanned and edited in Photoshop. I had so much fun doing all this for you.
You can download it here.

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     It is the time when I must start living for myself, the strives have ended. I must show myself what is living inside me. My Dreams - to do what I always wanted, to be what I always wanted to be, to be known as what I am! Removing the dust from my childhood memories last night, I find these dreams I had left too far behind, as if I had never dreamed them. Being an architect was my objective, just like my grandfather. My father also wanted to see me as an architect. I have to fulfill my and father's dream. 

     I have survived and faced through this life, had very good and very bad experiences. Now I should stop the experiments and start living the life I always wished for. It is so nice when your family is also there with you to help you accomplish your goals. The same is with me. Alhumdulillah for all that I went through and all that I will go through in future.

     So my mission starts with getting an online International Montessori Diploma from IMC, U.S.A. I am trying for it and will inshaAllah get a positive reply within a week. Then, will travel to my native soil to get trained in AutoCAD and will start my professional life there.

    Now I need the prayers of you all. Pray for my dreams to come true. I want to create my own identity & to give all the happiness to my family and to all those who love me and care about me. 

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1. I made Bread cones this week.
2. My favorites from the jewelry box.
3. The birthday card I received from my mum.
4. Delicious chocolate pastry someone brought for us.
5. Cinna-stix from Domino's, well I didn't really liked them.
6. An amazing book for the little minds.
7. The view outside my building, a zoomed image from my balcony.
8. A beautiful gift from my sister.
9. Watercolor by me, its more fun to do this in Photoshop ;)
10. My birthday cake!
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I have started another blog page called "SHD Studio" where you will find my tutorials, tips and designs.
You will be automatically redirected to that page once you click the 'Tutorials' tab in the menu up there.
Feel free to request for any tutorial and I will put that up.
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The author of Ya Salam Cooking says:
"I am so happy to be hosting this year’s first BBD event which is also #47 on the list. I am old schooler when it comes to this event and have been baking along since it first started. Over the years I have found so many amazing people that also bake in these events, the bread they make is just spectacular. The BBD event of course was founded by Zorra and the lovely Cinzia hosted last month.

A great thing about being the host this month is that I also get to come up with the theme for our baking endeavors. I really wanted to try something different and fun this month because let’s face it if you can bake it we have. Many of us love to travel and even if we are not able to we still imagine places that we would love to visit all over the world. That’s pretty much the theme for this month. This month’s theme is baking from a place you would love to visit. For example let’s say you have always wanted to travel to Nepal then I want you to discover some popular bread from the region and make it yourself. This should be a lot of fun.

To enter here is what I am going to need from you. You can email all entries to yasalamcooking (at) gmail (dot) com and be sure to add BBD#46 in the subject line. Also include the following:

Picture of your bread
Your name
Your blog name
Post about it on your blog, with a link back to this post
The country your dish hails from
The name of your bread
Your recipe should be in English

Deadline for submission February 1st, 2012.
Final round up will be on line on February 5th, 2012.
Please feel free to promote the event by sticking the logo on your blog. "

Read more: Ya Salam Cooking

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The 31st of December ended with good hopes for the New Year, even though our New Year had already started on the 1st of Muharram 1433 Hijri, but the global new year was yet to start. What could be more special than bringing smiles in your house? I made dozens of vanilla & pineapple Cupcakes & a Red-Velvet cake for my neighbors and family.

My grandfather is always happy with new office stationary and good books with Religious information. I bought some for him and wrapped them up. I gave a sweet white rose to my mother and some chocolates to my younger brother. That was about it, and yes, I cannot forget that delicious Zaatar Bread from Danube bakery we ate that night!

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My blog got a makeover! It has the entire new look. For me, it looks much neater than before. I always go for light colors. Thanks to this palette maker at ColorLovers for the awesome theme. It has all the colours that look great when mixed together at one place.

I found these great fonts called Fragment Core, Baltimore Typewriter & Jenna Sue at Dafont and I used them in this theme.
The old sidebar girl is missing? Yes, she is! I sent her far away from my blog as I had been posting some religious items in my blog and I did not feel like having her sit there on the top-right corner. :) But yeah, she was a good company though.

You may think that the previous theme looked more colorful and exciting, but changes are always good if they are good!

So maybe next time you will see something more different than the current theme.

Have a good day and a very happy new year 2012!

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